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to discover the profession of fisherman!

The creation of this game is part of the Atlantic 2020 project under the category "Blue Skills and oceans literacy" with the contribution of the European Sea and Fisheries Fund of the European Union: Call ID: EASME / EMFF- 2018- Blue Careers in Europe.

This project aims to strengthen cooperation between the maritime economy and the academic world through the establishment of a network of actors from the countries of the North-West Atlantic coast (Ireland, France and Spain).

The impacts of this project are:


Address skills shortages in the maritime sector.

To reinforce

Strengthen cooperation between vocational training centers and universities


Update training plans and specific programs related to the maritime domain.


Develop new ideas and strengthen the evolution in the maritime sector.

The game was developed by students from the University of La Rochelle with the objective of adapting skills to the needs of the blue economy (development of courses and webinars). It allows children to discover the profession of fisherman through a fun activity.

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